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Supplementary Courses 9
Advanced Organizational Behavior 3
Leadership and Business Ethics 3
International Marketing 3
Core Courses 9
Quantitative and Quality Research Methods 3
Advanced Statistics 3
Advanced Writing and Publication Skills 3
Major Courses 18
Advanced International Business 3
International Strategic Management 3
Advanced Corporate Finance 3
Global Entrepreneurship 3
International Business Planning 3
Price & Product Management 3
Dissertation-related Courses I 6
Proposal Writing and Defense 3
Research Seminar 3
Dissertation-related Courses II 6
Article Presentation in a Relevant Academic Seminar 3
Publication of a Research Paper 3
Dissertation 18

Major Overview

The PhD in International Business at BELTEI International University offers a cutting-edge space for anyone who aspires to take their business beyond the local boundary and who aspires to become researchers and teachers in the academic world. The degree leads students not only to obtain advanced knowledge in international business such as marketing and management but also to acquire research-based experience to support evidence-based international business planning, financing and other corporate activities.

Learning Outcomes

This PhD program will lead students to:
Gain international business concepts, models and experiences necessary for collaboration and competition at the global level;
Develop research skills to improve evidence-based international business planning and projection;
Initiate and lead creative and innovative business projects and research activities;
Show a strong academic foundation to engage in research community, local and international.

Career Prospects

Some important careers include:
Business consultant
Business planner/Analyst
Business stock taking analyst
Business project coordinator
University lecturer/professor/researcher

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