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BELTEI International School Offers 5 Main Programs such as: 1- Khmer General Education | 2- ESL Program | 3- Skills Training Program | 4- Computer Training Program | 5- International Test Preparation Courses

BELTEI Campus 21 (Chhouk Meas Market)

It is located at Street Okhna Triheng (2011) kok Kleang Village, sangkat Kok kleang, Khan Sen sok, Phnom Penh. It was inaugurated on September 03, 2020 and highly presided over by H.E. Dr. LY Chheng, a Member of the National Assembly for Phnom Penh Capital City, founder and the Director-General of BELTEI Group and the Chairman of the Biard Directors of BELTEI International University. It is nine storey reinforced concrete building with 115 rooms and a basement for parking.

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