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BELTEI International University (BELTEI IU in Cambodia)

H.E. Dr LY CHHENG Receiving an Honorary Doctor

of Education From Shinhan University, " In Recognition

of Leadership and Development of Education in Cambodia"

(Seoul): On May 14, 2019, H.E. Dr. LY CHHENG, member of parliament for Phnom Penh capital and the Director-General of BELTEI Group received an Honorary Doctor of Education in Recognition of Leadership and Development of Education in Cambodia from Shinhan University, South Korea, along with 67 BELTEI Group’s management teams.
According to the Chairman of the Board of Shinhan University, the award of this honorary doctor was made after the Board has thoroughly reviewed and evaluated the achievements, experiences, knowledge and expertise of His Excellency Dr. LY CHHENG, who has made great sacrifices to actively contribute to the development in promoting and enhancing the education sector in Cambodia, both in the public and private sectors in the purpose of training the human resources in Cambodia to get equipped with high morality and virtue, and recognized at both national and international level.
On this great occasion, H.E. Dr. LY CHHENG expressed his profound thanks to the Chairman of the Board, especially Dr. Suh Gab-won, the President of Shinhan University for the decision on awarding the Honorary Doctor to him. His Excellency Dr. said that the achievement of the honorable doctorate today is not only truly recognizes his efforts but it also recognizes the hard-working of all management teams, staff, professors, lecturers and teachers of BELTEI Group, who have been trying so hard both mentally and physically to work with high responsibility. Especially, the motivation of his beloved wife, children, and entire family.
His Excellency Dr. added that the achievements and great honor he has received now is under the right and wise leadership of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, who lead the country with peaceful, sustainable, and development in all sectors; and also, education is the highest priority among other important prioritized sectors set out in the political policy of the Royal Government. The Royal Government has broadened and encouraged all public and private institutions to compete in a free market environment and confirm the quality of education for all learners and ensure the sustainability of each institution. Meanwhile, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports always supports and provides opportunities for all private educational institutions to teach in different programs in order to improve the quality of education of all the private and public educational institutions in Cambodia with sustainability in the future.


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