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BELTEI International School Offers 5 Main Programs such as: 1- Khmer General Education | 2- ESL Program | 3- Skills Training Program | 4- Computer Training Program | 5- International Test Preparation Courses

2- Special Qualities

  1. BELTEI makes your English language recognized worldwide.
  2. All books, study and teaching materials are sponsored and supported by McGRAW-HILL Education, one of the biggest book publishers in the United States.
  3. Curriculum focuses mainly on Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Grammar from Level 1-12 (high-Advanced level). 50 per cent of Level 12 curriculum is the preparation for TOEFL iBT and the other 50 per cent is the Effective Academic Writing.
  4. With 20 to 30-student class, BELTEI creates and strengthens English speaking atmosphere both in the classroom and in the school compound. From level 1-3, students are allowed to speak Khmer 50 per cent and English 50 per cent, From level 4-6, students are allowed to speak Khmer 30 per cent and English 70 per cent and from level 7-12, students have to speak English 100 per cent and study with native English teacher. Particularly, ESL students are given HOMEWORK on Fridays and tested in Monthly Tests and Final Exam to measure their abilities before moving to the next level.
  5. From level 4-12, students are travelled to visit the National Museum and other historical places once or twice a year. Upon returning back, students are asked to write a description of what they have heard and seen.
  6. When graduating from level 12, students are awarded Local Level Certificate, issued by BELTEI International Institute. Moreover, they can apply for International Level Certificates, which are officially recognized for more than 130 countries over the world by taking TOEFL Test in BELTEI.

Note: The tests of TOEFL, marks and certificate are organized by Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States.


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