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BELTEI International School Offers 5 Main Programs such as: 1- Khmer General Education | 2- ESL Program | 3- Skills Training Program | 4- Computer Training Program | 5- International Test Preparation Courses

6- Preschool

A- Preschool

Preschool is the level for at least 5-year-old child, which is studied for one year. This Grade is designed for children to be ready to automatically study in General Education Grade one, which basically Khmer and English vowels and consonants are used to make children get fundamental of Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.

B- Teachers

All teachers at BELTEI International School are qualified for the Grade. They were awarded Primary Pedagogy certificates and some of them are pursuing their Bachelor Degrees. They are all patient, creative, talented and have years of experience in teaching children, which make them easy to understand receiving a real knowledge and capacity.

C- Classroom

Each classroom is equipped with Air Conditioners and Camera to keep in touch with students’ activities and teachers’ teaching. The number of students is limited to 20 to 25 in each classroom.

D- Teaching Materials

BELTEI International School installs posters on the walls in each room, and there are portable LCDs, Overhead Projectors, TV, Flash Cards, Story Cards, Internet and E-mail, language laboratory, large library and an exclusive modern generator which facilitate the school in case of a blackout.

E- Examinations

Students are measured their abilities through Monthly, Mid-term and Final examination before moving into General Education Grade one.

F- Main Books

Preschool 1:
-Phonics 1
-Preschool English Book 1
-Khmer Studies
-Coloring Book
-VCD Program
Preschool 2:

-Phonics 2
-Preschool English Book 2
- Khmer Studies
-Coloring Book
-VCD Program
Preschool 3:
-Phonics 3 & Phonics 4
-Conversation Preschool 3
-VCD Program
Preschool 4:

-Phonics 5 & Phonics 6
-Conversation Preschool 4
-VCD Program

G- Tuition Fees

Grade 3 Months 6 Months
Preschool 1 $​ 135
$ 250
Preschool 2 $​ 135 $​ 250
Preschool 3 $ 135 $​ 250
Preschool 4 $​ 135 $​ 250
Preschool 5 $​ 135 $​ 250
Preschool 6 $​ 135 $​ 250

H- Term and Time Studies for Preschool

Class Time New Term
Preschool Days and Times
Monday - Friday

8:00AM - 10:30AM
2:00PM - 4:30PM
Yearly Term
There are 4 terms per year:
-February - August
-May - November
-August - February
- November - May


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